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Being a business litigation attorney doesn't mean we only step in when legal action has been or needs to be taken. Business owners make decisions every day that could lead to disputes and therefore could benefit from a consult with an attorney, including drafting or entering into contracts, amending corporate governance documents or hiring and firing employees. Attorney Emily Gianquinto is a business litigation lawyer with experience in counseling businesses – particularly closely held and family-owned businesses – to take steps to avoid conflicts and the often lengthy and costly litigation that could follow from such decisions. 

Whether you're just starting your business or have been in business for decades, we can provide knowledgeable legal counsel to assist you with the range of corporate conflicts that can, and often do, arise on a regular basis. Having an experienced business dispute attorney on your side may significantly reduce your company’s exposure to liability, decreasing the probability of litigation over contract terms, dissolution of your business or an unwanted merger. 

There are a number of business disputes, both foreseen and unexpected, that give rise to the need for legal counsel. Conflicts can arise with partners, colleagues, customers or vendors. Our primary objective is to resolve conflict on behalf of our clients by arriving at a solution that benefits all sides and ideally avoids the need to engage in costly litigation. We understand that small businesses often just don't have the resources or time to litigate matters, and we sit down with our clients to discuss all alternatives, taking a practical, cost-effective approach consistent with your business goals. But if a negotiated settlement proves impossible, we will use our knowledge and experience to zealously advocate your position in a court of law or before an arbitration panel.

Corporate disputes can vary widely, but Attorney Gianquinto has experience with many types of business disagreements. She has counseled, advised and represented small businesses, corporations, limited liability companies, family-run businesses, closely held corporations, non-profits, partnerships individuals and others in disputes including the common matters listed below. 

  • Shareholder or Partnership Disputes: Conflict between corporate governance and shareholders or members is not uncommon, especially in closely held and/or family-owned businesses. Partners and shareholders often disagree about policy, money or corporate direction. These disputes are often the result of years of anger and mistrust, and resolving them can be like handling a contentious divorce. You need a business dispute attorney who will listen to your concerns and tailor a solution to your unique needs, giving your company the opportunity to move forward in a positive direction. 
  • Contract Disputes: If you are disagree with a partner, employee, customer or vendor about the meaning of or performance of a contract, we can help negotiate a resolution or press your side in court. Disputes commonly arise in contracts for the sale and delivery of goods, employment or partnership agreements, insurance policies, non-compete clauses or commercial leases and the interpretation of corporate governance documents. We can help you avoid such disputes by reviewing contracts before they're signed and help you resolve such disputes through negotiation or litigation, if necessary. 

  • Business Torts: Business disputes can often include conduct that is tortious. We have experience handling and resolving matters involving claims of breach of fiduciary duty; fraud/misrepresentation; misappropriation of trade secrets, computer data, or intellectual property; unfair trade practices and/or competition; defamation; interference with contractual relations or business expectancy; embezzlement; and more. We have successfully brought and defended against business tort claims and we can counsel you on your rights, remedies and the risks you face. 
  • Government Compliance: At one time or another, every company is faced with questions or issues stemming from regulations imposed by a government entity, whether they concern licensing or reporting requirements, worker safety or tax liability. Our experience representing clients in front of state agencies allows us to advise you about the state and federal rules that may apply to your business.

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As you navigate the facets of business ownership, you need a business dispute attorney who can work alongside you to help avoid potential conflict or devise a workable solution once conflict occurs. For more information or to arrange for a consultation, contact us today.

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